Welcome to the Dreams Platform of Kiezburn.

Hello dear friend and welcome to the Dreams Platform

Here we share our dreams and together we breathe life into our mad and wondrous creations.
You are Kiez Burn, so you decide what will be realised!
Same as last year your ticket is linked to dream tokens, which you can spend on the projects you want to make happen.
Let’s vote and fill our playa with amazing art!

Please register on this platform by using the same email as you will use to purchase a ticket. The ticketing team is working hard to start the ticket sale soon. Stay updated by signing up for the Kiez Burn Newsletter!

Here is a video tutorial on How to use Dreams. Click here! You can find more information about Kiez Burn in our Forum and our website. Also, if you wish to get in touch with dream guides and other dreamers, please visit the Dreamer 2020 group on talk.
You can also contact us via email: dreams@kiezburn.org

Preliminary Dreams Timeline:

Sun 8th March: Launch Dreams Platform β‡’ Dreamers can upload their dreams!
End of March: Ticket Sale and voting starts – End of Dream Submission?
End of April: End of Voting, Token reallocation
Beginning of May: Final Decision / Funding announcement

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Current Total (%) of total
Kiezburner participation (at least 1 grantlet given) 0 1000 0.0%
Grants given (incl. infrastructure, prefunded art and committee) 0 20000 0.0%
Grants prefunded 0 0 NaN%
Grants from Kiezburners 0 0 NaN%
Grants withdrawn from dreams not reaching minimum 0 NaN%
Grants from committee total 0 0 NaN%
Minimum budgets (and as fraction of total budget) 31 Inf%
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