What is the dreams platform?

The Dreams platform is a place where anybody planning to attend Kiez Burn can apply for funding for any project. This includes Kieze, artists or event-production projects. As soon as ticket sales starts, ticket holders will decide where the money they just paid, will go to.

Why did we go with the Dreams Platform?

Because Dreams are fun! Taking decentralisation and self-organisation seriously, we decided to distribute art grants this year via the Dreams platform. It works pretty much like Kickstarter, Startnext, Betterplace, GoFundMe etc.

The Dreams platform is a powerful way of engaging the wider community to interact directly with the artists and art on the event. You will decide how your ticket revenue is being used! This also unburdens the central organisation from decision-making. In addition, it allows for an easier application process and a more transparent distribution system.

Our goal for this platform would not be limited to art grants, but can also function as a budget decision tool for more structural topics, such as gate or welfare.

This might radically change the way we do funding at Kiez Burn – now, the community decides what kind of dreams will get funded!

What are the Dream Guides?

Dream Guides are volunteers who co-create the event by guiding dreamers to make their projects happen and facilitate the art grant process at Kiez Burn on the Dreams platform. If you want to help other Burners to make their dreams come true – please join the team! We still need support here.

Before you submit a Dream, please read the Dreamer Manual carefully. There you can find information about the types of projects eligible for refunds in 2020. You must self assign your Dream to one of several categories. If you cannot assign yourself, a Dream guide will help you to sign up.

Only Art, Performances and Workshops will be funded this year. No infrastructure, no Camps or gifting. If an art project is run by a Camp it has to be placed on the art plateau or areas designated for art - not within a camp’s area. Hosting workshops, or giving a performance at a Camp, is no problem though. Intoxicants (including alcohol), vehicle costs and fines for illegal acts cannot be refunded. In an attempt and experiment to promote more ART on Kiez Burn 2020, categorizing as an ART project this year comes with advantages.

Again: Please read the Dreamer Manual to check if your dream is eligible for funding!


What kind of dreams can receive funding?

As long as your project is publicly accessible, it can receive an art grant. So the closed-off space in your camp cannot host anything funded with the dreams platform. However, your dancefloor or yoga-yurt where you regularly welcome people in, can get funding through the Dreams platform. Intoxicants (this includes alcohol), vehicle costs and fines for illegal acts cannot be refunded.

Is there a minimum/maximum Euro amount for a Dream to be registered on the platform?

There is no minimum. Go ahead and upload your crazy idea for the world to see even if you do not want any money. The maximum amount of money you can receive through the dreams platform is set at 2.000 € (except for infrastructural projects).

How much money is one vote/token?

Although every vote does count for a certain monetary value, we cannot determine at this point yet how much every vote will be worth. You can follow the discussion on the topic here: https://talk.kiezburn.org/d/yXHK7O3n/token-value-

Do I get 100% of my funding refunded or do I, like last year, only get 70% of my costs refunded?

Yup! 100% refund for 100% costs (if you received a notification of funding)! We realized the folly of complex rules. YOU ONLY GET A REFUND WITH PROPER RECEIPTS (vive la bureaucracy!)

My dream is quite expensive. Do you offer pre-funding?

Please talk to your dream guide.

What if I don't receive an art grant?

You can still bring your project (if it doesn't violate our principles). Think of alternative ways of funding! Maybe with a little help from your friends? Also: we will need to distribute the un-used tokens, so your project might still get all the money it needs!

Do I automatically get a ticket when my dream receives an art grant?

No. However, if you have issues with not having a ticket, please talk to your dream guide.

Can I have more than one dream?

Yes! Go wild! However, please keep in mind that you need to reach the minimum in order to qualify for any dream grant. Thus, the more projects you create on the platform, the more you will need to work to achieve the minimum on the different projects.

Can I edit/delete my dream?

dreamers can edit all fields after submission, except for the min/max budget. If you want to edit your budget requirements, please write in the dreams talk group to ask for a change: https://talk.kiezburn.org/g/SAqXnukc/dreams

Once my dreams grant has been voted for, how do I get my money from the dreams grant?

Step 1: Make it happen at Kiez Burn. If it does not happen, there will not be a refund.

Step 2: Therefore, we would like to ask you to take a picture of your project at Kiez Burn, and upload it to the platform to document how your Dreams became true.

Step 3: Keep all the receipts and hand these in. You will then get refunded.

As a lead of for e.g. Water or Power, how do I know which projects need water/power and how do I get in touch with the artists?

All artists are required to provide this information when creating a Dream. Our tech team will export the contact information and help you connecting with each other!


I cannot vote right now, what's up with that?

Voting will be opened after the beginning of ticket sales, on 1 April.

How many votes does everyone get and how can people distribute their votes? Can I give all votes to myself?

Haha, you wish! You need to save some for your friends and beautiful strangers. Every ticket holder will receive 10 votes. So you can spend max. 50% on a single dream – that's 5 tokens.

What happens with leftover credits (aka "money") if a dream didn't reach its funding goal and/or if participation levels are low?

Leftover tokens will be distributed to the projects who did not get enough funding. How exactly this will happen will be discussed in the future.

I need help, who can I contact?

Our Dream Guides are there for you.

Who created this magnificent piece of art called the "Dreams platform"?

Click on me to find out. This is based on the amazing work from Borderland & Midburners who built it.